This is what Pastors are saying about the experience of the Enthronement Weekends they have hosted in their parishes.



Quotes on the Sacred Heart “Enthronement Weekend” experience


“It was a very moving weekend, and our parishioners were very touched. I am confident that your work here will make a dramatic difference in the lives of many.”

Reverend Austin Titus III – Pastor – Church of the Holy Family (Staten Island, NY)


“The Enthronement Weekend came at the right time for our parish and provided for a deepening of the spiritual life of the parishioners.  It provided blessings that continue to be felt in the life of the parish.”

Reverend John O’Hara – Pastor – Church of Saint Teresa (Staten Island, NY)


“Our congregation was very moved by the whole experience, and over 60% of the parish had conducted the (enthronement/consecration) exercises at home by the following Sunday.”

Reverend Robert Quarato – Pastor – Church of the Holy Rosary (Bronx, NY)


“Many parishioners rejoiced to hear that this traditional devotion was being restored to its former dignity both in the parish and our grade school communities. Through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary may our parish rise to new life!” Rev. J. Howarth - Pastor- Resurrection of Our Lord


“The whole experience (Enthronement Weekend) is very positive, requires little effort of the part of the Pastor, and the benefits will be extraordinary.”

Reverend Msgr. Gerardo Colacicco – Pastor – St. Columba Parish (Hopewell Junction, NY)


“The Enthronement Weekend was a great opportunity to share with our parish the support and strength we receive from Jesus our Shepherd and Mary our caring Mother. Our people deeply appreciated your message & hopefully will make family prayer a special in their homes.”  Reverend George Moore – Pastor- Saint Benedict (North Philadelphia)


“My parishioners responded very favorably to the presentation of this devotion and, in particular, to my dedication of the parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Reverend Msgr. Francis Bellew – Pastor – Church of Saint Mary (Wappingers Falls, NY) & Vicar-Dutchess Cty


“When we prayed the Enthronement Prayer together, I could hear the devotion and dedication in the voices of our people. It was truly a moment of grace for our parish.” Reverend Angelo Citino - Pastor - Nativity of Our Lord


“It was a wonderful and fruitful experience.  I recommend this ministry to you.”

Reverend Leonard Villa – Pastor – Church of Saint Eugene (Yonkers, NY)


“Our English speaking and Spanish speaking communities benefited greatly from the message of God’s love thru the Apostolate of the Enthronement.  May God bless their work.”   Reverend Monsignor Edward Deliman –Pastor - St. Agnes (West Chester)


“The response was amazing to me and demonstrated the great hunger of the people for prayer and for God.” Rev.Richard Williams - Pastor - Saint Thomas the Apostle   Over for more quotes



More Quotes on the Sacred Heart “Enthronement Weekend” experience


“It was a very moving & powerful witness to faith. In a society that has lost the sense of the sacred, and where family life is fragmented & attacked on every side, this devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart helps to focus our vision back to God.”

Reverend Kevin Murray - Pastor - Saint Hilary


“This (the Enthronement) came at the perfect time for our parish: before Christmas. It was a great blessing for the families of our parish. The speaker’s words were direct, brief and zealous. God bless your work.” Reverend James Grant – Pastor- Saint Joseph (Warrington)  


“I saw in action the power of God’s grace through the Enthronement.” 

Reverend Michael D. Murphy - Pastor - Saint Dorothy’s (Drexel Hill)


“What a great experience for our people.  They were moved by what took place.  They really opened themselves to this great devotion. Our parish has been truly blessed. ”

Reverend Monsignor Matthew Kane - Pastor - Saint Robert Bellarmine  (Warrington)


“What more could a Pastor ask for? To know that his people and his parish are dedicated to, and protected by, the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”  Reverend Monsignor Joseph Cunningham - Pastor - Saint Isaac Jogues (Wayne)


“The Enthronement was a very spiritual experience for both the parishioners and the pastor.  People were excited and enthused to be able to take this into their homes.  It was a renewal of things they had known as children but had lost sight of.”

Reverend Monsignor Barszczewski - Pastor - Sacred Heart (Clifton Heights)


“It was a joy seeing how much the people of our parish welcomed the message brought on Enthronement Weekend.” Reverend Monsignor Michael Burke - Pastor - Saints Philip & James (Exton)               


“The Enthronement experience was inspirational and moving.  The attentiveness of the people during the talk, ……… and the energy of participation in the enthronement prayers all contributed to this being a time of grace for our parish.”

Reverend Joseph Meehan - Pastor - Saint Eugene


“The Enthronement appeals to people of all ages.  It is a simple but powerful way for the families of the parish, and the Parish Family to grow spiritually.”

Reverend Michael Colagraco - Pastor - Saint Francis de Sales (Lenni)


“..this simple and effective program will surely have a major impact on our families and church community.”Reverend Nicholas Martorano,O.S.A. - Pastor - St. Nicholas of Tolentine (S. Philly)


The whole (Enthronement) process only added about 8 minutes to the (end of) Mass, and the blessings from those 8 minutes will reverberate for all eternity.”

Reverend Mr. John Thompson - Deacon - St. Peter the Fisherman Parish (Allentown Diocese)

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